Male 16-14 Ga..187 tab width

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16-14 Ga. Male Disconnect .187 (3/16") tab width

Male push-on terminals come in a variety of names such as male disconnects, male slide on terminals, male push on connectors, male connectors, and vinyl male push on connectors. By whatever name, their design allows for a quick and easy way to connect and disconnect wires .

 Our 16-14 gauge .187 vinyl insulated male push-on terminals are the most economical of the insulated push-on terminals. Use these when no special characteristics is required.

  • Insulation made with Grade A crimping Vinyl.
  • 16-14 gauge male disconnects Provide a quick and easy disconnection of wires.
  • Funnel entry insulation facilitates wire entry on our 16-14 gauge .187 male slide on terminals
  • All Male / Female Disconnects are ul.jpg and sa.jpg approved.
  • Certified for 600V building wire and 1,000V signs and lighting fixtures (lumaniries).
  • Our 16-14 gauge .187 males are made by 3m-logo-1.jpg


usadot.gifMade in the USA