Male Coupler 16-14 ga. .250 tab width

$12.95 - $925.00
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16-14 gauge Male Coupler fully insulated. Oval entrance design.

Our Male and Female Couplers are a variation of our Fully Insulated Male and Female Push-On Connectors. They have an oval design pattern with a lower profile that is useful when there is limited space considerations. Disconnects are an excellent means for making connections between two or more conductors.

  • All fully insulated 16-14 gauge connectors are molded onto seamed barrel and are resistant to deformation.
  • Coupler's funnel entry is formed into inside of insulation to allow for easier wire insulation
  • The female coupler housing fits entirely inside the male to form a fully insulated in line splice.
  • Coupler terminals help prevent shorting or flash-over when disconnected with power on.
  • Fully insulated male and female couplers provide a quick and easy disconnection of wires.
  • All male couplers meet or exceed : UL and CSA standards.