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Split Wire Loom

Split wire loom can be called by many names including wire loom, slit loom, convoluted tubing, split loom, or cable tubing. Our black polyethylene corrugated tubing loom is durable, split for easy installation and is ideal for use as a wire management loom.

Wire loom tubing has become one of the most popular conduits for holding groups of wires in position and protecting wires against abrasion or crushing. Split loom is an effective and inexpensive way to provide order and protection to cables around any home, office or engine compartment.

Our cable tubing offers excellent protection for wire harnesses, tubing, hose and cable. It is lightweight, very flexible and is easy to install over wires. Crowbar Electrical Parts now offers automotive grade flexible convoluted tubing. Manufactured from impact modified, heat stabilized Nylon 6; our split wire loom offers temperature resistance suitable for automobile engines, and the flexibility to get around tight curves without the slit opening up.

Made in the USA

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