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Mini, ATO/ATC and Maxi Fuses

Fuses protect your power distribution system — you need them to prevent damage to your equipment from current overload. The job of a fuse is to protect any equipment's vital wiring. Vehicle wiring can be pretty deeply entrenched and integrated into an electrical system making it extremely difficult to locate and replace. When a current large enough to fry a wire or damage a vital component is drawn through some electrical system in a vehicle, the vehicle's fuses will burn out first and prevent that current from doing any major damage.

Crowbar Electrical Parts carries many styles of ATO/ATC fuses, Mini Fuses, and Maxi Fuses. Used primarily in automotive, marine and other mobile equipment, our fuses come in many different amperages and are made in the USA.

  • Replacement automotive style fuses fit all styles of OEM and aftermarket automotive fuse blocks, fuse panels, and fuse holders. 
  • Manufactured to exacting standards and meet or exceed all OEM or SAE specifications and requirements.
  • Used in many foreign and domestic vehicles. Including cars, trucks, RV's, and boats.
  • Mini fuses, ATO/ATC fuses, and Maxi fuses are available in a variety of amperage ratings. Check specific type fuse for amperage rating.

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