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Butt Connectors

Butt connector terminals are used to mate, connect, or terminate a single wire or multiple wires. These connectors are, essentially, parallel terminals designed to connect two wires together or connect one wire to two different wires. They can also be referred to as a butt splice due to its design and use. They are commonly used in vehicle applications, such as automotive and marine, but can also be used on various electrical applications that require a wire connection. A butt connector is typically installed by stripping the ends of both wires, inserting the wires into the terminal ends, and crimping both ends of the butt connector with a crimp tool. Varying design characteristics of them provide different sets of benefits depending on the demands of the application. Some of these characteristics include amperage rating, insulation type, color, and gauge size. Whichever Crowbar Electrical Parts has the right butt connector for you.


Vinyl insulated butt splices are typically the most economical of the insulated wire splices. Use these when no special protection or characteristics is required.

Nylon insulated butt splices provide higher temperature and better durability than vinyl. They also have a seamless crimping barrel for maximum crimpability. Our seamless nylon butt connectors come with either a straight or flared barrel insulator.

Heat shrink butt connectors are made with an insulation that completely seals the terminal when heated to provide the most durable connection. This extra layer of protection prevents corrosion and accidental wire pull-out, which significantly increases the longevity and dependability of the butt connector.


All Butt Connectors meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpg standards.