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Butt Connectors

Butt connectors come with a wide variety of names. They can be called butt splices, wire connectors, wire butt splices, butt crimps, or just plain butts. Either way, butt splices come in a variety of configurations. How do I choose the correct splice for my application?

Vinyl insulated butt splices are typically the most economical of the insulated wire splices. Use these when no special protection or characteristics is required.

Nylon insulated butt splices provide higher temperature and better durability than vinyl. They also have a seamless crimping barrel for maximum crimpability. Our seamless nylon butt connectors come with either a straight or flared barrel insulator.

For the maximum protection against environmental exposure, use Heatshrink Butt Splices to completely seal the splice.

All Butt Connectors meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpg standards.

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