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Fuses & Fuse Holders

Fuses and Fuse Holders protect your power distribution system — you need them to prevent damage to your equipment from current overload. The job of a fuse or fuse holder is to protect any equipment's vital wiring. Vehicle wiring can be pretty deeply entrenched and integrated into an electrical system making it extremely difficult to locate and replace. When a current large enough to fry a wire or damage a vital component is drawn through some electrical system in a vehicle, the vehicle's fuses will burn out first and prevent that current from doing any major damage.

In order to apply fuses in a vehicle, it must have an automotive fuse holder. Fuse holders are mechanisms that are used to carry and shelter fuses. Inline fuse holders are made in various sizes to be able to carry the different fuses amperage available. The covered fuse holder comprises of fuse carrier fitted onto the holder so that it completely covers and provides protection to the fuse inside.

When buying a fuse holder for your vehicle, it should meet the required specifications of the fuses being used. Such specifications include the operating current, operating voltage stated by the manufacturer as well as the highest power dissipation capacity, otherwise known as the Rated Power Acceptance, of the fuse.

Crowbar Electrical Parts carries many styles of Mini Fuses, ATO/ATC Fuses and Fuseholders, as well as Maxi Fuses and Maxi Fuse holders. Used primarily in automotive, marine and other mobile equipment, our fuses and fuseholders come in many different amperages.

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