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16-14 Gauge Male / Female Disconnects

Fully Insulated 16-14 ga. Nylon Male and Female Push On Connectors.

Fully Insulated Push-on Terminals come in a variety of names such as Nylon Male and Female Disconnects, or Fully Insulated Male and Female Connectors.

By whatever name, fully insulated male and female disconnects resists higher temperatures and deformation than vinyl insulated push-on terminals.  Rated to 600 volts.

  • The push on female housing fits entirely inside the male to form a fully insulated in-line splice.
  • Fully insulated 16-14 gauge nylon connectors help prevent shorting or flash over when disconnected with power on.
  • Our male and female disconnects have a "See Through" nylon insulator color coded to industry standards.
  • See through nylon insulation allows for inspection of connection after crimping.
  • Our 16-14 gauge male-female disconnects meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpg standards.
  • All fully insulated nylon male / female push ons are genuine Parts.

Made in the USAusadot.gif