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Ring Terminals

Ring terminals or eyelet terminals, are available for a wide range of wire and stud sizes. Used for termination of wires, our ring terminals are made from pure electrolytic copper and Grade A crimping vinyl.   

Use our ring terminals where an insulated barrel is necessary and desirable. Our terminal consists of a butted seam part with flared, rigid molded polyvinyl chloride. The ring terminal is securely attached and funneled for easy wire entry.

Made by the 3m-logo-1.jpg company, our ring terminals provide a variety of design features assuring consistently effective, reliable performance and easy installation.

  • Insulation has a flared entry for easier wire insertion.
  • Industry standard color-coded to indicate wire size range.
  • Our vinyl insulated ring terminals are Electro-tin plated for corrosion resistant.
  • Funneled chamfered entrance for easy wire insertion into ring terminal.
  • Annealed for maximum strength.
  • A full crimping barrel length of 1/4” or longer is standard on all of our eyelet terminals.
  • Have a deep internal “V” groove to promote wire grip and current flow.
  • The Injection-molded insulation on our 3M ring terminals are the highest quality in the industry.
  • Open-end design on our ring terminals permits visual inspection of wire location before and after crimping.
  • Our ring terminals insulators are rated at a continuous operating temperature range from -40°F to 221°F (-40°C to 105°C).
  • All  ring terminals are UL listed and CSA Certified for 600V building wire and 1,000V signs and lighting fixtures (luminaries).

usadot.gifMade in the USA