Closed End Connector 16-14 Gauge

$7.95 - $1,750.00
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Closed End Connector 16-14 Gauge wire range.

  • Crimpable Closed End Connectors can also be called crimp caps, closed end connectors, pigtail connectors, or crimp connectors. By whatever name, closed end connectors provide a quick and easy connection of wires.
  • Crimp Caps are an excellent low cost means for making connections between two or more conductors.
  • Insert is electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance on all our crimpable closed end connectors.
  • Crimp Connectors can not "Back-Off" the wires as screw on type can.
  • All 16-14 gauge Closed End Connectors meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpgstandards.