Nylon Butt Connector 22-18 Ga.

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22-18 Gauge Nylon Butt Connector with Seamless Barrel (Flared Insulator Design)

  • Nylon insulation material is molded onto the seamless barrel to form a seamless nylon butt connector that is resistant to deformation.
  • Nylon butt splices have a funnel entry which is formed into the inside of the insulation to allow for easier wire insertion.
  • Our nylon butts have a seamless barrel which will not separate when crimped from any angle. 
  • 22-18 gauge seamless nylon butt connectors offers the utmost in quality, reliability, and performance.
  • Butt connector's clear nylon insulation allows for easy inspection of wire connection.
  • Our nylon butt splices are Industry standard color-coded to indicate wire range.
  • All of our 22-18 gauge nylon butt connectors with a seamless barrel are rated to 600 volts.
  • All Nylon Butt Connectors meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpgstandards.