Ring Terminals 4 Ga. x 1/4" stud size

$7.95 - $575.00
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Ring Terminal 4 Ga. x 1/4" Hole Diameter

Ring terminals or eyelet terminals, are available for a wide range of wire and stud sizes. Used for termination of wires, our ring terminals are made from pure electrolytic copper and Grade A crimping vinyl. Butted seam-construction prevents our ring terminals from splitting under maximum pressure. Crowbar Electrical Part's 4 gauge ring terminals are a genuine Molex product.

  • Vinyl insulation sleeve on terminals is securely fastened to the butted seam barrel.
  • Our vinyl insulated ring terminal insulation has a flared entry for easier wire insertion.
  • Our 4gauge ring terminals are industry standard color-coded to indicate wire size range.
  • Our vinyl insulated ring terminals are Electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance.
  • Funneled chamfered entrance for easy wire insertion into ring terminal.
  • 4 gauge ring terminals are annealed for maximum strength.
  • A full crimping barrel length of 1/4” or longer is standard on all of our eyelet terminals.
  • Ring terminals have a deep internal “V” groove to promote wire grip and current flow.
  • All vinyl insulated 4 gauge ring terminals are UL and CSA approved.

 Made in the USA