Maxi Fuseholder with Protective Cover 8 Ga

$18.75 - $1,499.00
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At Crowbar Electrical Parts, we offer the best assortment of fuses and fuseholders to protect your power distribution system and prevent damage to your equipment from current overload. From Mini fuses, ATO/ATC fuses and fuseholders to Maxi fuses and fuse holders; we proudly offer an extensive collection of fuses and fuseholders for varied needs.

Vehicle wiring can be intricately embedded and integrated into the electrical system, and it can be extremely difficult to locate and replace faulty component. When a current large enough to damage an important component is passed through the electrical system in your vehicle, the fuses of your vehicle burn out first, preventing any major damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Our high-quality 8 Gauge Maxi fuseholder promises reliable protection for the wiring and other critical components on the circuit.

Some of the benefits attached with our Maxi Fuse holder include:

  • Ideal For Car Audio and Electronics applications
  • FHC-08 supplied with 8 Gauge wire and rated to 60 amps
  • Protective covered fuse holders for harsh environment
  • Ideal for automotive fuse applications
  • Enables quick and easy change of fuses

Explore our Maxi fuse holders and protect your vehicle’s wiring! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.