Female Bullet Connector 16-14 Ga. .156 diameter

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16-14 Gauge Female Bullet Connector with .156 barrel diameter.

Bullet Connectors are used as an alternative to a quick disconnect. With the male end literally being shaped like a bullet, it inserts into the female receptacle and fastens with a snug fit.

Bullet Connectors help prevent shorting or flash-over when they are disconnected with the power on. With a seamed barrel that will not separate under pressure or operating stress, our bullet terminals are proven to be dependable and effective in connecting two wires together. If there is a need to disconnect from the wire, they can be easily pulled apart and  re-joined.

  • Our 16-14 gauge bullet connectors are molded onto seamed barrel and are resistant to deformation.
  • Funnel entry is formed into inside of insulation to allow for easier wire insulation.
  • Bullet terminals come in "See Through" nylon insulator color coded to industry standards.
  • The female bullet connector housing fits entirely inside the male to form a fully insulated in-line splice.
  • Rated to 600 volts maximum, building wire; 1000 volts maximum, signs and fixtures.
  • Temperature rating: 105° C (221° F)
  • All 16-14 gauge female bullet connectors meet or exceed ul.jpg and sa.jpg standards