Twist On Wire Connector 22-16 Ga.

$8.95 - $4,500.00
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Twist On Wire Connector 22-16 gauge wire range (Blue) .

  • Twist On Wire Connector can also be called twist wire connectors, twist nuts, or wire twist nuts. Whichever, their tight, square-wire spring makes quick, secure connections for positive continuity. 
  • Tough, thermoplastic shell shields against environmental extremes. Resists chemical action from hydrocarbons, dilute acids, or alkaline solutions. 
  • Flame-retardant properties resist heat distortion up to 221 degrees. High-dielectric shell features a deep skirt design to prevent exposure of bare wire. 
  • For copper to copper connections only. 
  • Twist Nuts make an excellent low cost means for making connections between two or more conductors.
  • All Twist On Wire Connectors are ul.jpg listed.