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3M Scotchlok Fuse Holder

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3M Scotchlok Fuse Holder #972

In order to apply fuses in a vehicle, it must have an automotive fuse holder. Fuse holders are mechanisms that are used to carry and shelter fuses. They are generally manufactured in two different styles: either open or completely covered. Fuse holders such as fuse clips, socket, blocks and plug-on type fuse holders are classified under the open fuse holder style. The covered fuse holder comprises of fuse carrier fitted onto the holder so that it completely covers and provides protection to the fuse inside. Fuse holders are made in various sizes to be able to carry the different sizes of fuses available.

When buying a fuse holder for your vehicle, it should meet the required specifications of the fuses being used. Such specifications include the operating current, operating voltage stated by the manufacturer as well as the highest power dissipation capacity, otherwise known as the Rated Power Acceptance, of the fuse.

These self-tapping fuse holders are another 3M innovation that will save you loads of time, and give your install a professional look. Simply insert the wire on each side and, fold the splicing arm over for instant self-stripping and self-tapping connection that is not only easily installed, but easily removed, and even re-spliced if necessary.

  • 3MFH-972 serves as a ATC & ATO fuse holder, perfect for vehicle wiring, alarms, remote starters, car audio, and more.
  • The 3M Scotchlok Fuseholder eliminates the need for supplemental connectors and therefore reduces installation costs.
  • Our 3M 972 Fuseholder is manufactured from Material Construction Polypropylene
  • Operating temperature is 194°F (90°C)

Made in the USA