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22-18 Gauge Heat Shrink Butts

Our 22-18 gauge Heat shrink butt connectors are a device to connect electrical wires. The connectors consist of a polyolefin tube that when heat is applied, tightly seals around the terminal and wire. The heat shrink connectors make a durable and secure connection.

  • Material: Polyolefin
  • Color: Red
  • Gauge: 22-18 GA
  • Connection Type: Butt Connector
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C (-67°F) to 110°C (230°F)
  • Standards: CSA-RU
  • Functions: Solder & Seal
  • Strength: 2200 PSI
  • Shrink Ratio: 3:1
  • Style: Butt
  • ROHS: Yes
  • Wire pullout after crimping & recovery; yellow: 60lb
  • Prevents wire corrosion and provides a waterproof seal
  • No cracking after heat aging for 168 hours at 160°C (320°F)
  • UL and CUL recognized.