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Fuse Taps & Add-a-Fuse Line

Fuse taps

  • Fuse Taps offer a quick and inexpensive way to add an additional circuit to automobiles and trucks.
  • Our Fuse Taps tap on the hot side of automotive fuse blocks to add an additional circuit quickly and easily.
  • Tap into an existing car circuit to power a cellular phone, stereo components,etc.
  • Our Fuse Tap push through design prevents fuse box expansion issues.

Made in the USA

Add-a-Fuse Line

When you need a reliable and safe way to add an additional circuit, our Add-a-Line Fuse block extension plugs into an occupied or vacant fuse slot and turns it into two circuits.  Perfect for adding a circuit to an existing fuse block, it holds either 2 ATM or ATC fuses. It includes an output wire for the added circuit with a butt splice on the end for easy circuit integration.

  • The fastest, easiest option for installers who need to add a circuit for applications such as electronic components.
  • Available in ATC and Mini blade fuse versions
  • For Applications calling for 10 Amps or less