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Nylon Cable Clamp 1/8"

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Nylon Clamp 1/8"

Also known as nylon clamps, cable clamps, or wire clamps, our Nylon cable clamps. Secure cable, convoluted tubing, wires, hoses or split wire loom with these high quality nylon cable clamps. 

  • Tough, resilient, light weight, and resist aging, nylon cable clamps are molded in the open position for easy assembly.
  • The mounting hole is 13/64" in diameter.
  • Molded of nylon, our cable clamps are resistant to corrosion, salt water, weak acids, gasoline, alcohol, oil, grease and common solvents.
  • Nylon clamps are made with type 66 nylon material which is strong & resilient.
  • Offered in Black or Natural.
  • Clamps are ul.jpg andsa.jpgapproved.

 usadot.gifMade in the USA